Donate to Support Barrett


Please know that your contribution will be greatly appreciated, spent wisely, and properly recorded. Any amount over $250.00 counts against a spending limit governing specific PAC contributions Barrett is seeking. The most a single individual can give to Barrett's campaign is $500.00. Ideally, every adult, (eligible to be registered to vote), in a household would give no more than $250.00 each as not to be counted against the PAC limits. If you are sending a check, it must not be from a business account unless you send a separate note attesting those funds are your personal funds. Married couples may send in a check for $1,000 with a note that attests it was split by each person. Or, do the same with a $500 check in order for the two; $250 donations not to count against the PAC limit.

Thanks for helping elect Barrett to our State Legislature. Together, we can make this a better Minnesota!